Because a great city deserves a great downtown.

A coordinated development project to create 12-15 new city blocks in the heart of downtown—for a dynamic, vibrant, and connected Atlanta.


1,000-3,000 construction jobs yearly during the multiple phases of development
$40 million to affordable housing fund and economic development fund for use across the City
No existing tax revenues used
Attract 35,000 jobs to the heart of Atlanta
20% of units will be affordable/workforce housing units
Healing the heart of Atlanta will improve ability for city to attract jobs, events, visitors.
38% benchmark for work performed by minority and/or female owned businesses
Additional 10% of units will be submitted to Atlanta Housing Authority for affordable/workforce voucher program participation
$5 million for Nelson Bridge and $12 million for fire station
Local hiring and training, including $2 million to create a new workforce development program
The Affordable Workforce Housing plan is the most comprehensive in the history of Atlanta and the first to have 99 year affordability (5x longer than current requirements).
New bicycle lanes, roadways, trees, sidewalks and acres of plaza and green space
10 Reasons Atlanta Should Green-Light the Gulch


Estimated Project Cost: $3.5B–$5B

The New Atlanta Gulch will be the largest city center, mixed-use development project in the Southeast and only project in Atlanta that spans and connects two MARTA stations.

The public financing is only comprised of a portion of tax increment generated by the project. No existing tax revenues or city budget funds are utilized. This creates a strong alignment, as the developer must build a successful tax generating environment in order to recoup a portion of project costs from the increment created.


Development and growth in Atlanta stops at the Gulch. It has served as a historic barrier to connectivity and progress. Together we can change that.



The Gulch will create many new and exciting opportunities for Atlanta.


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